Book Reviews in JGAHS: Proposed Guidelines

The heading of a review must give the following particulars:

(a) the full title of the work reviewed (in capitals); and, if it is in more than one volume, the number and (where appropriate) the title of the volume concerned;

(b) the author or editor; 16

(c) the edition, if other than the first;

(d) the number of volumes and pages; or, if the subject of the review is an article in a periodical, or is part of a larger work, its precise location in the periodical or larger work;

(e) the presence of maps or illustrations;

(f) the place of publication and the publisher;

(g) the year of publication;

(h) if a paperback edition, a reference to that fact, together with the date of the edition;

(i) the price;

(j) the series title, if any, in round brackets.

For example:

REBELLION IN KILDARE, 1790-1803. By Liam Chambers. Pp 173. Dublin: Four Courts Press. 1998. €39 hardback; €13 paperback.

BOOKS BEYOND THE PALE: ASPECTS OF THE PROVINCIAL BOOK TRADE IN IRELAND BEFORE 1850. Edited by Gerard Long. Pp xiv, 154. Dublin: Rare Books Group of the Library Association of Ireland, 1996. €14.

THE PLIGHT OF THE MONAGHAN PROTESTANTS, 1912-1926. By Terence Dooley. Dublin & Portland, Oreg.: Irish Academic Press, 2000. €11 (Maynooth Studies in Irish Local History, 31).

MEMOIRS OF LAETITIA PILKINGTON. Edited by A. C. Elias, jr. 2 vols. Pp lxii, 845, illus. Athens: University of Georgia Press. 1997. $95.

THE IRISH QUESTION: TWO CENTURIES OF CONFLICT. By Lawrence J. McCaffrey. Second edition. Pp x, 225. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky. 1995. $15.95 paperback.


Reviews should normally be of a maximum of 500 words in length.  Reviewers should note that reviews and do not carry footnotes; page references to any substantial or significant quotations and allusions should be supplied in the text. The text of reviews should be presented in exactly the same way as a JGAHS article. In particular, the typescript must be double-spaced, and the font of a reasonably large size. All contributors should supply their precise academic designation (if any); exact title or description of post; department, faculty or school; institution and location.