Previous Lecture Series (2017):

January 9th 2017
Family Memories of the Irish Revolution in Galway Town. Peadar O’Dowd

February 13th 2017
Monastic Ireland – A gift of the Nile? Alf Monaghan

March 13th 2017
The Drowned landscape of the Galway Coast. Michael Gibbons

April 10th 2017
Portraits, family and estate papers of the Eyres of Eyreville, Kiltormer, Co. Galway Donal Burke

Previous Lecture Series (2012-2013):

10th September, 2012
The shiring of Elizabethan County Galway.  Dr. Joseph Mannion.
8th October, 2012
History of St Mary’s College, Galway.  Mr. Peadar O’Dowd.
12th November 2012
Connemara – Early Monastic Heritage. Archdeacon Anthony Previté
10th December 2012 
The Medieval Irish Immram and the West of Ireland.  An tOllamh Máirín Ní Dhonnchadha.
14th January 2013
An aerial perspective of some heritage sites in the West of Ireland. Professor Éamon O’Donoghue
11th February 2013
T.J. O’Connell, Galway TD, Labour Party leader and INTO pioneer. Dr. John Cunningham.
11 March 2013
A lost church in East Galway – the Abbey of the Cormicans. Mr. Patrick Larkin.
8 April 2013
The bridges of County Galway. Mr. Paul Duffy.


Previous Lecture Series (2011-2012):

12 September, 2011:

The Rescue of the Passengers and Crew of The Connaught, October 7,1860.   Dr James Mitchell.
10 October, 2011:

West Connacht through the eyes of the bogs engineers, 1809 – 1814.   Dr. Arnold Horner.
14 November, 2011:

History of the Diocese of Galway.   Mr. Peadar O’Dowd.
12 December, 2011:

Medieval Clonfert:The Genesis, Development and Decline of a Gaelic Cathedral Settlement. Dr. Christy Cunniffe.
9 January, 2012:

Recent Excavations at Claregalway. Mr Brian Mac Domhnaill.
13 February, 2012:

The Finances of Grand Juries in Ireland. Dr Aidan Kane.
12 March, 2012:

John O’Donovan of Slieverua and the Galway Ordnance Letters. Prof.Michael Herity.
16 April, 2012:

The History of Galway Docks. Brian Sheridan, Harbour Master.


Previous Lecture Series (2010-2011):

13 September, 2010:

Riaghail S. Clara (Rule of St. Clare) and the early history of the Irish Poor Clares;  Dr. Bernadette Cunningham.


11th October 2010:

Patrick Lyons–Antiquarian Policeman and “Indefatigable Colleague” of Hubert Knox;  Máire Lohan.


8th November 2010:

The Castles of Lough Derg – a pictorial survey; Patrick Larkin.     


13th December 2010:

Unlikely Radicals:  Irish Post-Primary Teachers and the A.S.T.I., 1909-2009; Dr. John Cunningham.


10th January 2011:

Piers and Harbours of County Galway; Prof. Noel Wilkins.


14th February 2011:

Protestant Missions in Connemara, 1846-1937;  Dr. Miriam Moffitt.


14th March 2011:

The Census of 1911: the Western Dimension; Dr. Caitríona Crowe.


11th April 2011:

Prehistoric Astronomy in the West of Ireland;  Mr. Malachy Thompson.


Earlier Lecture Series (2009-2010):

14th September 2009  

Soviet Eyes on Galway, Col. Desmond Travers.


12th October 2009

The Dominican Friary of Athenry in the High-Medieval Period, Dr Jim McKeon.


9th November 2009

The Archaeology of the N6 Ballinasloe to Athlone Road Scheme, Mr. Martin Jones.


14th December 2009

The Shannon Scheme: The Galway Connection, Mr. Paul Duffy.


11th January 2010

Anthony Raftery: His life, Legend and Legacy,Dr. Nollaig Ó Muraíle,


8th February 2010

Whitley Stokes: Rediscovered Leipzig Notebooks,Professor Dáibhí Ó Cróinín.


8th March 2010

A University in Living Memory, Ms Jackie Uí Chionna.


12th April 2010

The Irish Beekeeping Tradition, Prof. Breandán Ó Cochláin.



Past Lecture Series (2008-2009):

8th September 2008 

English language daily newspapers in 20th Century: boon to or bane of the Irish Language?  Professor Nollaig Mac Congáil.

13th October 2008 

Galway Mechanic’s Institute: Dr. Kieran Byrne.

10th November 2008

The history of the Freemasons in Galway since 1733: Mr. Basil Fenton.

8th December 2008

Unearthing the Ancient CeltsProf. John Waddell.

12th January 2009 

Bridges of Nimmo:  Prof. Noel Wilkins.

9th February 2009 

Do I wake or sleep? The West in contemporary Irish Writing: Dr. John Kenny.

 9 March 2009      

Public Health and living conditions in Connacht, 1850-1922:  Dr. Caitríona Clear. 

20th April 2009    

Dick Dowling – Galway’s Hero of Confederate Texas: Mr. Tim Collins.


Past Lecture Series (2007-2008):

12 November 2007

Irish Surnames and the DNA Question – Mr. Patrick Guinness

10 December 2007

Irish women in the workplace 1880 to date – Ms. Sally Anne Kinehan

14 January 2008

Galway Corporation in the 16 Century  – Mr. Kieran Hoare

11 February 2008

Castles of Corrib Country – Mr. Peadar O’Dowd

10 March 2008

Long-term human impact in Western Ireland: Professor Michael O’Connell

New pollen records from Bogs and lakes

14 April 2008

The Catholics of Galway in 1708 – Dr. James Mitchell

Previous Lecture Details:

14 April 2008

The Catholics of Galway in 1708 – Dr. James Mitchell

In a lecture entitled ‘The Catholics of Galway in 1708’, to be delivered under the auspices of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society, at 8.00 p.m. on 14 April in the Harbour Hotel, Dr. James Mitchell will discuss the background to the arrival in Galway in April 1708 of an East India fleet including a vessel, on which “a popish bishop and other Romish clergy” were on board; the identity of the clergy in question; and the degree of communication between them and the laity of the town.  The lecture is free and all are welcome.

10 March 2008

Long-term human impact in western Ireland: new pollen records from bogs and lakes – Professor Michael O’Connell

New information on environmental change in western Ireland will be presented in the course of an illustrated lecture by Professor Michael O’Connell, Department of Botany, N.U.I., Galway. Long-term patterns of change will be reconstructed based on the evidence preserved in peat and lake-sediment cores. Particular attention will be paid to the evidence derived from fossil pollen which enables, not only woodland history, but also the nature and duration of farming economies associated with earlier cultures, and biodiversity and climatic change to be reconstructed in considerable detail. These specialist investigations have been carried out by Professor O’Connell and his research group in the Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit, N.U.I.G., in collaboration with comparable research groups in several countries in Europe and with financial support from EU, national and local sources.

11 February 2008

Castles of Corrib Country – Mr. Peadar O’Dowd

‘Castles of Corrib Country’ is a power-point presentation of the various castles verging Lough Corrib.  While their importance in the Norman settlement and later, will be discussed in general, over twenty structures will be detailed under such headings as Description, Date, Construction Details, Ownership and History/Folklore. Peadar O’Dowd has lectured extensively on the heritage of Galway and has contributed much on his favourite subject in books, articles and through weekly as well as monthly columns in various publications.

Earlier Lecture Details:

March 2007

Published March 1st, 2007

The next lecture of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society will be held on Monday 12th March 2007 in the Harbour Hotel, Dock Road, Galway, at 8pm. Prof. Noel Wilkins will deliver a paper entitled “Alexander Nimmo: A Life”.

Noel Wilkins is recently retired as a Professor of Zoology at NUIG.  He has written extensively on fish and fisheries and lectured all over the world on these topics.  As part of his research on the history of Irish fisheries he became interested in Nimmo, who built many of the original fishery piers around the coasts of Ireland.  He has now completed his study after five years of research in archives and libraries in Ireland and Britain.  His book on the life and works of Nimmo is now being prepared for publication and his talk will be the first presentation of his results.

October 2006 Lecture

Published October 2nd, 2006

The next meeting of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society will take place on Monday 9th October at 8pm and the Harbour Hotel, Dock Road, Galway. The lecture will be given by Dr Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Department of Archaeology, NUI, Galway, entitled “The Estates of Learned Families”, and will look at the landed estates of Gaelic learned families in counties Clare and Galway in the later middle ages. All are welcome to attend.

September 2006 Lecture

Published September 4th, 2006

The next public lecture of the in the IIB Bank Lecture Series held by the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society will be at 8pm on Monday 11th September 2006 at the Harbour Hotel, the Docks, Galway. The lecture will be by Dr. Bernadette Cunningham and is entitled Illustrating Lordship in 16th Century Connaught: The Seanchas Burcach. All are welcome to attend!

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