‘Wilful and wholesale murder’ — war at sea around Ireland, 1914-1918
Dr Mark Phelan

The British Navy Grand Fleet - The war at sea in Ireland WWIThe story of the British Army’s ‘Irish’ divisions during the First World War is nowadays well known, with sites such as the Somme, Messines, and Gallipoli all featuring heavily in the recent centenary commemorations. Yet knowledge of Ireland’s prominent role in the war at sea is limited in comparison, even though the coastal waters of this island were the focal point for Germany’s contentious policy of ‘unrestricted’ submarine warfare. Equally, Ireland provided refuge to the Grand Fleet of the Royal Navy – then the largest and most expensive collection of warships ever assembled – while it also became an important base of operations for the U.S. Navy from 1917. This lecture looks at these events in detail, while also recounting the Irish experience of maritime disasters that shocked contemporary opinion, and which played a crucial part in determining the outcome of the First World War.

The lecture will take place at the Harbour Hotel, Dock Road, Galway at 8pm
on Monday 9th December.
Admission is free and All are Welcome to attend