Recovering the lost Archaeology of the Slieve Aughty Uplands

A glance at the Record of Monuments and Places (RMP) would suggest that there is little by way of archaeology in the Slieve Aughty uplands. The majority of monuments recorded in the region are located in the lower slopes. However, fieldwork undertaken by the Community Archaeologist as part of his work to create greater archaeological awareness challenges that view. The Community Archaeologist has been working with various communities in the region assisting them to explore their archaeology and cultural heritage. He will discuss aspects of the emerging archaeology in the uplands. A number of elements are emerging, comprising of further evidence for prehistoric settlement, strong evidence for booleying or transhumance, and a rather rare glimpse using the specialist lense of archaeology at what was perhaps one of the greatest internal forced migrations of Ulster Catholics in modern times. Added to this can be included an interesting archaeology comprising of a mix of sites and monuments associated with the practice of popular piety’.

Christy Cunniffe is employed as Community Archaeologist by the Heritage Office of Galway County Council. This role was formerly administered under the title of Field Monument Advisor, an initiative promoted and developed by the Heritage Council. The role of the Community Archaeologist is to create greater archaeological awareness of our collective archaeological heritage and to offer support and advice to communities and individuals engaged in preserving and researching this rich cultural legacy.

The lecture took place at the Harbour Hotel, Galway on Monday 11 September 2017 at 8:00pm.