William Bald in Connacht
by Paul Duffy

William Bald (1789 – 1857), Surveyor, Cartographer, and Civil Engineer par excellence was appointed at twenty years of age as Director of the Trigonometric Survey of County Mayo. His finished map, in twenty five sheets, is considered to be the finest county map ever produced. Bald also undertook work for the Bogs Commissioners in South Mayo and County Roscommon as well as estate surveys for private clients.

As well as the construction of several major road and bridge projects in Mayo, Bald designed the internationally famous Antrim Coast Road, and the Kenmare Coast Road and Suspension Bridge. He was a pioneer in the development of Ireland’s railways and carried out surveys for the improvement of Belfast and Drogheda http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/asthma/ Harbours, and Tramore Bay. His 1834 proposals for a Dublin Galway Railway had a major influence on the choice of route finally chosen and opened in 1851.

After leaving Ireland, Bald worked in France and then on major improvements on the Clyde in his native Scotland. In his day he was internationally famous but is now largely forgotten.
Paul Duffy, a Charted Fellow of Engineers Ireland has lectured, and published extensively on Ireland’s Engineering Heritage and has taken part in several radio and television broadcasts on this and, indeed, other topics.

His book “Galway – History on a Postcard” was published in 2013.