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An online addendum to an article from JGAHS Vol 69, p82-98. Brigid Clesham’s full transcription of Thomas Tasburgh’s journal, which is now preserved in the Hocken Collections’ Archives and Manuscripts Section, University of Otago, in the city of Dunedin, New Zealand, reference number Misc-MS-1818. Note: The use of the Julian calendar is evident in this journal when Father Tasburgh records the date 23 March 1726 followed by 27 March 1727 and also in October 1726 when he refers to 22 of the 8th month i.e. October. Spelling and punctuation in the text have been left as they appear in the journal. Where additions have been made to the text or abbreviations expanded, they appear in square brackets. Where the text is difficult to decipher it appears in square brackets with a question mark. The total number of pages in the journal is 73 with additional pages containing details of exchange rates, high tides, accounts and other miscellaneous information, including a list of ‘linnen’ taken to Ireland. 20 June 1726 to 16 June 1727 A list of linnen taken Ireland June 1726 Shirts 9 Ruffells pair 5 Cravatts long 12 Necks and turnovers each 4 Hankerchiefs snuff 12 Ditto white 6… Read the rest
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